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Tactics to Protect Your Construction Business

Tactics to Protect Your Construction Business

Trust me...

After three decades in the construction business, I have realized that you have to be constantly on guard against people and/or circumstances that can endanger your company.

These are the go-to management tools, documents and procedures you must implement if your business is going to survive.
You will use these survival tools to placate government regulators, keep your clients in line, maintain job-site quality with your subcontractors and handle the multiple risks you face when operating a construction company.
Not always nice, but always necessary. These lessons are fundamental to protecting your business in a selfish and dangerous world.

Sections in this course include:

  • On the Jobsite
    • Jobsite Safety Checklist
    • Daily Progress Report
    • The Job Board
    • The Job Binder
    • The Permit Checklist
  • Client Contract Series
    • Introduction to the Client Contract Series
    • NAHB Residential Construction Guidelines
    • Standard Real Estate Contract Addendum
  • Client Initial Specifications
    • The Importance of Establishing Initial Specifications
    • Initial Specifications Form 1 – Table
    • Initial Specifications Form 2 – Detail Fill-In
  • Client Management Documents
    • Introduction to the Client Management Documents
    • Confirmation of Instructions
    • Notice of Acceptance
    • Draw Request
    • Delay Notice
    • Restart Notice
  • Subcontractor Management Documents
    • Introduction to the Subcontractor Management Documents
    • Terms and Conditions
    • Scope of Work
    • Work Order
    • Inspection Report
    • Quickbooks to Monitor Subcontractor Insurance


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On the Jobsite

Client Contract Series

Client Initial Specifications

Client Management Documents

Subcontractor Management Documents

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