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Are YOU Ready to Start a Construction Business?

Are YOU Ready to Start a Construction Business?

Yes, it IS exciting to start a new business, but it is also painstakingly arduous. This Course focuses on a multi-page checklist covering the personal, business, marketing, production and financial steps you must take to get your construction business well-started.  It is a dash of reality thrown on the excited fever of starting the enterprise.

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Starting a Construction Business

Introduction to a construction business check-up.

A construction business doesn’t just happen. This series of lessons addresses the multitude of steps and the items you need to think about as the process moves forward.

Check-up for your PERSONAL plan.

A small business gets real personal real fast. Read this lesson and checklist to see if you have what it takes to run an enterprise. Most important: Would you hire yourself to manage this construction business?

Check-up for your BUSINESS plan.

Mundane, boring…and absolutely necessary. Checklist for all the little “i’s” that need to be dotted and the “t’s” that need to be crossed.

Check-up for your MARKETING plan.

What do you know about your market? Have you identified your niche? Is there sufficient business to support your business? This section of the checklist gets you thinking realistically about your dream.

Check-up for your PRODUCTION plan.

This lesson forces you to get real about how you are going to produce the houses you intend to sell. Take a look at your labor market, and the part you will play in it. Can you produce what you think you can?

Check-up for your FINANCIAL plan.

This lessons addresses the capital requirements of the construction start-up and delves into the financial relationships upon which your business will depend. Do you have the financial resources to actually carry the business through the start-up phase and give it a chance to thrive?

Bonus: The Entrepreneurial Seizure

We Are All Infected

The Entrepreneurial Seizure is the moment where you realize you should… no, you absolutely must… start your own business. It is an unrelenting pressure you cannot resist.

Preparing For The Entrepreneurial Seizure

We’ve all had it happen…that’s why we are where we are. Yesterday I couldn’t even spell “entrepreneur”, and today I am one. Discover how to become the best you can be at running a business that does “the Thing”.

Books by Michael Gerber

Bonus: 22 Smart-Start Links to Builder Resources Pages

What Does a Smart Start (or Restart) Look Like?

Here is a list of thought-provoking suggestions for starting (or restarting) your construction business. Fore-warned is fore-armed.

Smart Start For Business Management

Consider these practices for a “Smart Start” with your business management.

Smart Start For Marketing

Consider these for a “Smart Start” in marketing your business.

Smart Start for Client Management

Consider these for a “Smart Start” handling your prospects and clients.

Smart Start for Subcontractor Management

Don’t let your subcontractors run your business. Consider these practices to “Smart Start” your subcontractor management system.

Smart Start for Project Management

There are some great resources available to help you manage your projects better. Here is a short list of “Smart Start” project management assets for your consideration.

Smart Start For Financial Management

Yes, the accounting system is an important part of your new business operation. Here are some things to think about to help you “Smart Start” your financial information system.