Client Management Documents

If you have ever spent sleepless nights worrying about all the risks you face in dealing with demanding clients, this risk management strategy is for you


  • To use a management template ready to be plugged into your business process today, with the flexibility to be changed to fit your operations perfectly.
  • How the implementation of these five documents can put you back in control of your client relationships and your construction finances.

Manage CLIENT TRANSACTION RISKS better with this document set.

You’ll get insights, based on years of actual construction experience, about how to:

  • Set initial specifications and get paid for changes;
  • Keep the client, lenders and yourself informed and up-to-date on the finances of a job;
  • Bring any client issues to the surface before they become a major cost;
  • Understand the motivations of your clients better;
  • Get paid quicker by customers and/or lenders;
  • Document problems between you and your clients so you are prepared for confrontations;
  • Manage one of the biggest risks you face as a builder – Client Transaction Risk.

Taught in a straight-forward, easy-to-understand manner by an instructor with university-level teaching experience and more than thirty-five years of construction management, this course is meant for the hands-on management of your construction business.

When you complete the course and implement the Client Management Documents system, you will be a better manager of your client relationships and your client transaction risks.