The Construction Drawings Agreement

In this final design step, you will develop a construction set of drawings.  The client is advised that this is the information from which the house will be built. 

The drawings include design details and uploads of specifications, with engineering details for structural and seismic considerations.  Roof structural design, point loads, bearing locations, framing connections, and structural component design are all included.

Trade (HVAC, plumbing, electrical, fire abatement) drawings are developed and included, as necessary.

The Company Scope of Work is included.  This is a statement of what the Company will and will not accept as its construction responsibility.

The summary of work to be done by others, outside the Scope of Work for the Company, is detailed.

Energy compliance calculations are made and documented.

A final budget, based on all known client specifications, is detailed and produced.  This will become the contract amount, and should be as accurate as possible for this point in the process.

When you have completed this process, you should have everything necessary to proceed to the construction permit once the Construction Agreement has been executed.