The Builder Limited Warranty

The document, issued as a component of the Construction Contract, is a “Sample” because the actual Builder Limited Warranty is only issued¬† at the completion of the construction.

It is included as part of the Construction Agreement to allow the Client to review the limited warranty, but does not become effective until all payments pursuant to that agreement have been satisfied.

Components of the Builder-Resources Builder Limited Warranty include:

  • It is a Limited Warranty.
  • A specific beginning and ending date.
  • An explanation of limited coverage.
  • Specific exclusions.
  • A list of “pass-through” warranties.
  • The Company rights with regard to warranty service.
  • Warranty limitations.
  • Maintenance requirements by Purchaser.
  • Non-warrantable conditions.
  • Warranty remedies available to the Client.
  • Warranty disclaimer.