A Business Operating System for managing your entire Construction Business.


One-click access to a collection of business management assets which will enhance management skills at each level in the company.

•A curated library of analytical tools, forms, worksheets and documents based on decades of actual construction company management experience and construction owner coaching.

•A real-world supplement to the high-priced, limited purpose construction management platforms currently available in the market.

•Builder-BOS is not a knock-off of, or replacement for, BuilderTrend, Co-Construct, Procore, or other construction management tools.

•The focus is not on the individual project, it is on how that project fits into the portfolio of the entire company.

•While project-specific tools are available (contracting, client management, project profitability reports, etc.), the focus is not solely on those processes, but on how each component of the platform enhances the performance of the business.

If you have had experience with construction management platforms, you've probably noticed the same thing I have --

  • They are great at capturing data, documenting actions, and tracking the specifics of a single project.
  • They are great at the WHO, the WHEN and the WHERE of a construction project, but severely lacking in the WHAT and HOW of running a construction business.

That's where Builder-BOS steps in.

Based on decades of running a construction business and coaching other builders, Builder-BOS provides analytical tools, forms, worksheets and documents to make running your construction business easier and smoother.

A Builder-BOS subscription will move you from the project focus of the construction management platforms to the business management focus necessary to be a success.

That's what we mean when we say "You Build. We Biz."

Builder-BOS Monthly Subscription

$29/per month

First month trial - $5.00

Builder-BOS Annual Subscription


Builder-BOS 5-seat Subscription


First month trial - $10

Requires Set-Up

Builder-BOS 10-seat Subscription


First month trial - $15

Requires Set-Up

Want to get Builder-BOS for FREE?


Talk to your primary building materials suppliers (lumber, fixtures, appliances) about becoming a Builder-BOS Content Sponsor.
For a small monthly investment, they can offer this platform to their Pro Builder customers.
Ask them to contact Dennis at to get details.