Year-End Checklist for Asana

What does this Asana Template do?

This easy-to-install template pulls together a group of tasks that a business owner should check off as reviewed and/or completed at the end of each fiscal year.

Complete this "Year-End Checklist" so you are ready to hit the ground running in the New Year.

If you aren’t using the free Asana platform yet, I’ve included a link above so you can get set up.

How to Use this Asana Template

1) Download the Template
  • Download the template below.
  • The file will be a CSV file. Be sure to save the download to a file on your computer as a “CSV” file. 
  • This has to be done because, currently, Asana only accepts CSV imports.
2) Import into your Asana platform
  • In Asana, add a PROJECT to the selected TEAM by clicking on the “+” next to the TEAM name. 
  • Select “Import Spreadsheet”, name the PROJECT (“Year-End Checklist Template”), select the team ( I would add this to the Management Team), “select the file to import” by browsing to the downloaded CSV file on your computer, and then IMPORT.
  • Asana will respond with “Here’s your data that will be imported”. 
  • Select “Go to project”.
3) Set up the Template
  • When the import is completed, access the template “Year-End Checklist Template” in your Asana Management Team file.
  • Read through the list and customize for your use.
  • Click on the three dots next to the Project
  • Duplicate the project, naming it “Year-End Checklist 20XX”.
  • Go through the checklist to document your year-end actions.
4) Next Year
  • Customize the Template, if necessary.
  • Copy the project, naming it “Year-End Checklist 20XX”.
  • Go through form, documenting your actions.
  • This will provide a year-to-year record of your end of year actions.

Now Asana will remind you of those year-end tasks that are so easy to forget!!

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