What is this Asana Template?

This easy-to-install template pulls together a bunch of one-off tasks that a business owner has to accomplish periodically (daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and annually), and helps you schedule those activities on a recurring basis.

If you aren’t using the free Asana platform yet, I have included a link so you can get set up. Then just follow the instructions to set up the notifications, and you’ll receive an email from your Asana account when it’s time to take care of the task.

Get on top of the niggling little tasks that can become so big and important if forgotten!!

How to Use this Asana Template

Download the Template
  • Download the template below.
  • The file will be a CSV file. Be sure to save the download to a file on your computer as a “CSV” file. 
  • This has to be done because, currently, Asana only accepts CSV imports.
Import into your Asana platform
  • In Asana, add a PROJECT to the selected TEAM by clicking on the “+” next to the TEAM name. 
  • Select “Import Spreadsheet”, name the PROJECT (“When to Do What”), select the team ( I would add this to a management team), “select the file to import” by browsing to the downloaded CSV file, and then IMPORT.
Set up the Template
  • When the import is completed, access the project “When to Do What” in Asana, go through each line, assign the task to the appropriate person in your company, and date per the suggestion in the task description. 
  • Most of the tasks are recurring, so set the recurring dates as suggested (click on due date again, calendar appears, click on “Set to Repeat”, click on “Repeats 7 days after completion” to open selection screen, click on “Periodically” and select the period to set it up as desired).
  • Add your own periodically recurring tasks to the ones I have recommended.

Now Asana will remind you of those easy-to-forget periodic management tasks