Branding for Your
Most Probable Buyer

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It's almost like being in love....

You know how you want to find out everything there is to know, what food they like, their favorite color, when they were born, and on and on.

It’s just like that with your market segment.

The more you know about them, the more you can understand their needs and wants. 

The closer you can get to them, the more you can show them about your construction business and how you have built your company JUST FOR THEM.

And they will let you into their lives because you have done the work, and the research, and put in the time.  You’ve earned their attention. 

why, it's almost like being in love.

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Branding for Your Most Probable Buyer

If you are asked to describe what you sell, and you reply that you sell houses, you haven’t thought deeply about your product. The house you are building is just the delivery vehicle for meeting your market segment's pain points – the desire for safety, comfort, financial security, status, convenience, or any of a wide selection of wants and needs of your prospect (remember Maslow’s Needs Hierarchy?). This survey will help you develop the identity of your likely buyer, what they are really seeking from you, and how to make the connection.

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Key Demographics

Demographics describe the things about the buyer that you can determine externally. Where they live, how old they are, what gender they are, how many children, and what model cars they drive are all demographics. To really know your Buyer, you start with the demographic characteristics.

Which of the following do you perceive as key demographics for your primary prospect?

Key Psychographics

Psychographics describe the internal decision-making process of your Buyer. These are the buyer's likes, dislikes, desires and preferences. You can learn the psychographic make-up of the Buyer by watching how they interact with the world or by asking them directly. Psychographics are critically important to your marketing because they represent choices the Buyer may make without even knowing why they are making them, so let's try to get the basics about our Buyer right. If you haven't conducted psychographic testing on your market segment, you may not KNOW the answers to the following questions. In that case, make the best guess possible. At least you will become aware of some of the psychographic considerations, and can begin to adjust your thinking about your market segment preferences as you go forward.

Which are the buyer's preferred colors?

Which are the buyer's preferred shapes?

Which are the buyer's preferred words?

Market Fit

The following section moves on from the identification of an attractive market segment to the recognition of the pain or gain points in that market segment. Then you will identify what must be done to relieve the pain and/or achieve the gains desired by that market segment, determine whether your company has the capacity to deliver what the customer needs, and determine comprehensiveness of your market fit.

Identify your Prime Market Segment pain points

Meet the Buyers where they live

Describe three activities common to individuals in your selected market segment. List marketing initiatives which would be organic to each activity.

The Flip Side

We have spent time talking about the positive aspects of reaching the market segment you want to serve. But there is another side to your marketing. No matter how focused you are on your market segment, you will inevitably draw less than desirable prospects through your marketing efforts. Plan ahead for that possibility.

Describe three types of Buyers you DO NOT wish to work with, and why you would decline to work with them.

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